A Generous Gift from United Water

MEVO has got some big news. How big? $10,000.00 big. United Water, MEVO’s newest corporate partner, has given us a glorious donation of $10,000.

United Water has been committed in supporting MEVO for all of the environmental sustainability work we are involved in across Northern New Jersey. This past summer and fall, they provided MEVO with tons of corporate volunteers, trucks of all sizes, tractors, tools, and materials to build farms across Northern New Jersey. So THANK YOU, United Water, for all the work you have done and for your generous gifts.

Here is a small testimonial from United Water, “Partnering with MEVO is a natural fit for our organization.  As stewards of the environment, we both believe in thinking globally and acting locally.  Working together, we hope to inspire others to become more involved in protecting the environment.”

For more information about our partnership with United Water, check out this MEVO featured volunteer video created by United Water here: