Many Hands Farm

The MEVO Crew lends a hand with harvesting crops at Many Hands Farm in Barre, MA. We had an amazing time visiting this sustainable farm and we can’t wait to help out again next year.

The Mystery Crop

What crop is this? You’d be surprised to find out’s garlic, and it’s one of the earliest crops we harvest at our educational farm. We’re going to be harvesting multiple varieties of delicious vegetables at our farm this year, and will be taking them straight to you.

Sunflower Sprouts

Sunflower sprouts are just one of the many residents at our MEVO Greenhouse at Fresh Roots Educational Farm, which works to provide our plants with the ideal growing conditions.

Ecological Assessments For All

Our interns do all kinds of things for the environment. Here we can see Rachel Laub and Angela Capalbo doing an ecological assessment of Stag Brook in Mahwah, New Jersey, a stream that flows into the Ramapo River, to learn about the health of the surrounding ecosystem.

The Newest MEVO Member

The newest addition to the MEVO Farm family! Meet “Bee” our 8 week old kitten who we rescued from an evil tree she was stuck in and is now helping us keep our farm free of mice. She is loving all the petting and kisses she gets from volunteers and really enjoys all the things to climb and explore. Come volunteer with us any Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday and meet this little cutie! #mevo #sustainable #farm #community#kitten

The Tools We Use

We use a lot of tools here at MEVO, so every year our Summer Interns get a crash course in how all of these different tools work. Here, MEVO Founder and Executive Director Eric Fuchs-Stengel shows off his hard hat, protective goggles, and sledgehammer technique for all our interns to see.