The Ultimate Trash Pick-Up is About to Begin

Attention everyone! MEVO is about to do the ultimate trash pick-up this Saturday at Catherine Avenue in Mahwah, New Jersey. As of now, Catherine Ave is not a pretty place to look at. Plastic, trash, tires and many more nasty things have built up in this forested area, and have been washed into the Ramapo River tainting Bergen County’s water supply, hurting the wildlife, and damaging the scarce conserved and natural space available in New Jersey. That, to say the least, is a problem. But this Saturday MEVO is going to take this problem on and repair the damage to Catherine Ave with our bare hands in what’s going to be one of the largest trash pickups in MEVO history. Let’s clean up this trash together! We have the ability, we have the people, to make a huge difference in the lives of our communities just by coming out for this momentous event.

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