MEVO’s Most Awesome Farm

The crown jewel of MEVO’s various farms for our Farm to Live Program? One of our original and our most awesome farm: the farm at Pony Power Therapies. And here you can see the outlines of this farm coming to life for our Summer 2013 growing season. In the center is our temporary irrigation system—a sprinkler, and cardboard being placed down on the foundations to suffocate the grass and the weeds. On top of that we had put in raised beds with bricks and imported a lot of good compost to plant our crops for the summer: ground cherries, tomatillo, arugula, litchi tomatoes, basil, carrots, and lettuce.
Our summer is coming to an end, and these crops are coming along nicely. And next season, MEVO will grow more. For now though, we’ll enjoy the harvest.