New Dirt!

Just got a new shipment of dirt for our farm! Thanks to Mayor Bill LaForet and the Mahwah DPW for this rich, hearty, black gold! Our plants will be happy!

MEVO is hard at work!

MEVO has been busy at work! Our farm is getting better and better every day, and we have peas, peppers, and raspberries already growing!

We worked in the area around our farm today to remove invasive species such as garlic mustard, Japanese knotwood, and multi-flora roses to help Hugh, the grounds supervisor of Bergen Community College. Among other things, invasive species compete with native species and contribute to biodiversity loss to harm the environment. If you want to learn more about invasives, check out this website: Do your part to help the environment by removing invasive plants and replanting native species!

How would you use these bins to keep them from going to a landfill? Comment here with your ideas on facebook, email us at, or check us out this Sunday at the Ramsey Farmer’s Market! They will be hosting a competition to see who can come up with the most useful ideas for the bins, so come out, show your support, and save the bins!

Unpainted bin!

MEVO won the North Face Explore Fund Grant

Great News MEVO Volunteers!  MEVO jut won the $2500.00 NorthFace Explore Fund GRANT!  MEVO Earth Crew, yeah that’s us, was selected from over five hundred national applications submitted for the first of two grant cycles in 2012, because of its continued pursuit of its goals of service, sustainability, and environment.  Give this POST a LIKE and help MEVO celebrate this beautiful MEVO moment.  Life is good.