May 14th: Save Our Schools (S.O.S) Student Rally

The M.E.V.O volunteers will be joining this rally in Westwood, NJ outside Assemblywoman Charlotte Vandervalk’s office, on Friday, May 14th from 5PM to 6PM to protest the state aid cuts Chris Christie is making towards our schools. Since M.E.V.O is a student-run organization, we are trying to encourage student action to support change. This is going to affect not only our generation of students but generations to come. WE WANT TO MAKE A CHANGE! Help support M.E.V.O in this cause to protest Chris Christie’s unfair budget cuts to schools. For more information, click the link below.

If you would like to volunteer for this volunteer event, please fill out the designated information below and e-mail it back to and you will be put on the event roster!

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Save Our Schools!